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make self-care a priority

3 Powerful Practices to Make Self-Care a Priority

Such as car cannot run without fuel, we cannot run without a self-care. Many of us try to be the best spouses, parents, workers, friends, entrepreneurs…You name it. But we easily forget about ourselves. Thus, making a self-care a priority is essential.

In nowadays society, it’s more common to feel burned out than it used to be just a few decades ago. The speed of lifestyle is already fast, and we add even more tasks on our shoulders. (Here is an article about how to find your rhythm and slow down).

Making self-care your priority isn’t about being selfish. It displays a level of spiritual maturity.



Because only if we have enough energy, we can be the light, love, and support that our beloved need.

Think about a person who is busy all the time but who is also upset and exhausted. Does it make you feel good when this person does something for you in his 5 mins of free time?

No? Well, it shouldn’t surprise you. We can feel the intention of other people’s behavior. When they don’t do something with ease or love, we immediately sense it. The opposite is also true. So does anyone else can feel our energy.

Thus, being at the level of exhaustion doesn’t serve anyone. Being overwhelmed and not caring about yourself is a selfish thing to do. Since, only when we have enough energy, we can expand more, and we can share more.

We’re ready to follow our inner life calling and act on them. (You can watch my TEDx talk on how to find your life purpose).

If we mean it with bringing our gifts to the world genuinely, then we also understand that we have to make our self-care a priority. And the self-care that I’m talking about is mostly mental self-care.

As we take care of our bodies and have a daily shower, we should clean our mental space to start a new day without repeating the past.

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3 Powerful practices to make self-care a priority


1. Meditations

Daily practice of connecting with the universe and your soul gives you strength. It also guides you and recharges your energy. If you didn’t sleep for many hours, the morning meditation could renew you so that you don’t feel any deprivation.

The benefits of meditation cannot be stressed enough. I can see the difference in days when I meditate and when not. Meditating daily makes me balanced, recharged, and enables me to hear the guidance. If you want you can read about how to create your daily meditation practice.


2. Acknowledge your emotions

The practice that I love to do before going to sleep is to be present with my emotions. Any emotions that we don’t process translate into thoughts and into patterns that repeat the same drama over and over again.

As a part of an emotional self-care, it’s enough to sit presently – with no judgment or thoughts – with the emotion until it becomes neutral. There are many ways how you can work with suppressed emotions. All of them work equally. 


3. Cleaning your energy

Another practice that I love is cleaning my energy. Is there any person that has pushed your buttons? Or is there anyone trying to control you? Or someone who does interfere in your relationship? Yes, we do invite other people’s energies into our relationships (parents for example).

When someone steals your energy, you can feel it in your first three chakras. This can get manifested at the physical level as illness. (You can read more about the mind-body connection here).

If you don’t clean, it causes a lot of mess and makes you react differently since you’re sensitive to energies. Trust me that by prioritizing your self-care, others will be grateful as you become more radiant and loving.

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