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Are You Stuck in Survival Mode? Time to Get Out of It

When you’re stuck in survival mode, your life stops to flow. Everything feels uninspiring, and you see yourself disappearing down the rabbit hole. Slowly but surely, you’re checking out of your life and withdrawing from relationships. When you’re living in survival mode, you unconsciously choose to give up your awareness and innate inner power. It’s time to change it!

(This article is an excerpt from my bookBecome the CEO of your Mind.)

Living in survival mode means that you often take the path of the least resistance. You do only the necessary things that ensure your survival – be it physical or mental.

This kind of living could look like taking a job that is just fine, then coming home, watch TV, and go to sleep. Living in survival mode means that you want to ensure surviving regardless of any circumstances. Thus you invest in things as little energy as needed to keep them going.


You keep whole your life going at the minimum energy level and try to do things at the minimum costs.


While living in survival mode, we don’t need to focus much or put intentions into our actions. It is like living on auto-pilot. Although this way of living seems familiar, it isn’t a way of living that can bring happiness and meaning into life.

When you live in survival mode, you get married and stop taking care of your look. Perhaps, the excuse is that you have children (and no extra time) or that it doesn’t matter (anymore) – but the reality is that living in surviving mode is about you.

It’s about the person you are and how you express yourself in the world.


Are you an energy cheap person who just want to get by?

Or are you a person who puts energy and thought into creating the life as you exactly want to have?


The truth is that if we don’t take the extra mile in things which we’re doing, then we betray ourselves.

It really doesn’t matter where we’re – be it at school, at work, with a partner, with kids, or parents. If we’re just in survival mode, then we cannot ever realize our greatness and magnitude.

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Let’s throw this mindset of doing a minimum away!

We learn and grow from situations in which we immerse ourselves fully. Imagine how many things would you determine if you would show up everywhere completely?

There aren’t any less or more critical situations – situations can have different forms, but they all matter the same for your inner growth.

If you always express yourself fully and create the life and relationships that you like, then you will grow beyond any measures. It’s called stagnation if you say that you know it all, and you can only maintain the status quo. Then there is undoubtedly something that you haven’t considered.

Each situation has many levels of learning opportunities for us depending on the level of our consciousness. If you went through the same situation when you’re 15 and 30, you probably would learn different things from it.

So what I suggest is – let’s dive fully into your life. Let’s become a conscious creator who knows that only by investing energy and taking risks in life he can grow the most!


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