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turn challenges into opportunities

Turn Challenges Into Opportunities to Grow

(This article is an excerpt from my book, Become the CEO of your Mind.)

Most of us haven’t had the most loving and supporting upbringing, the most fulfilling jobs or even relationships. We all encounter endless challenges on almost every step we take. The first natural reaction is to avoid them. Close our eyes.


Shut down the gut feelings and keep running away. Yet, if we keep doing so, we slow down our inner growth tremendously.


Running away only means that we will attract even greater wake-up call later in the form of life crisis.  I guess none of us want that, right? My suggestion is to dive fully into challenges.

Regardless what these are. Ignoring and avoiding problems will only make them more visible, so we have to notice them eventually. If the problem is avoided, then the problem only wants to take our attention more.

Avoiding problems also don’t leave us any choice.

If we don’t know what exactly we’re handling with, then we cannot see the options available to us. By doing so, we become reactive instead of creative, and we allow the situation to control us. Since when we are blind to the challenge, we change our behavior based on what we think we can do outside of the range of the challenge that we don’t want to see.

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Turn challenges into opportunities to grow

Regardless what your problem, weak point, or the challenge is, you can all transform them into your greatest strength.

Challenge only means an opportunity to grow. The only reason that you encounter any challenge in your life is that you can grow and learn from it. Surely enough, the more problems you avoid, the more challenges come to make you finally grow as you acknowledge them.

For instance, you have always been struggling in your life since you were born in an unloving family. How can that be changed into a strength? You may ask.

Having not loving parents might be a gift. It offers you the opportunity to realize that you don’t need to depend on any source of love outside of yourself. It provides you the opportunity to give the love to yourself and realizing that no one can take you this love away from you.


How to face a challenge?

You cannot see all of your lessons and their meanings ahead.

The life always has grander plans for you. Maybe one of your life purposes is to speak publicly, uplift others, or run a soul-fulfilling business.

Then loving yourself independently from any outside source is your strength as you know that you will need to be strong and overcome other struggles which would be so much easier with self-love.

When you have a broken heart, you know that no one else can be the source of love towards you, so you let go the person in peace and gratitude. Having unloving family can give you the biggest strength of all – acknowledging that you are love.

You can take any challenge you have and turn it into your advantage. The reason that you were born precisely there where you were is your most significant gift to find inner strengths and grow into a beautiful embodied soul.

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