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What are the 7 Plain Signs of an Awakened Soul?

How do you know if you are an awakened soul? It’s very likely that if you read this post that you are. Actually, an unawakened soul would never gravitate to this kind of article. 

Many people walk through life asleep. They live on autopilot and experience the same patterns as their society and family. But if you’re blessed, there comes the time of transformation, and your soul awakens. This time is usually one of the most difficult because you’re being tested at all levels. But it’s needed to purify yourself from anything that doesn’t serve you.

During the 7 stages of transformation, you shed old skins of previous personality and beliefs. You question everything familiar and want to go beyond the known. You seek the deeper meaning of life as if you’d see life for the first time.


The 7 Plain Signs of an Awakened Soul

  1. Your heart chakra has opened; you’ve become more emphatic. If you have an open heart chakra, then you feel love even if no one else is around. The heart is the gateway to the communication with your soul. 
  2. You’ve become more compassionate, and your overall feelings are much deeper than they used to be.  Your feelings have intensified, and at the beginning, the awakening soul may experience sudden shifts in mood. Likewise, being on a roller-coaster, your emotions sway between high and low often. 
  3. You ask yourself questions about the meaning of your life.
  4. Suddenly, you value your time more and want to spend it meaningfully.
  5. You are more mindful about the food you eat. Certain foods cause you stomach problems, and you can’t eat them anymore. 
  6. Naturally, you incline to a healthy diet, exercise, and meditation or other similar practices.
  7. You feel more connected with others, nature, and the universe.

You start to feel that the outer world is nothing but an extension of you. 

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What Does It Mean to Be Awakened?

To become an awakened soul, we often experience heavy triggers. Be it, a death of someone close, deeply broken heart, losing money, job or health. This happens to awaken the soul. To create a crack in the walls around you so you, wake up. Once your soul has awakened, you rightly feel like a new person. Having a little in common with the person you used to be.

Once you’ve become an awakened soul, you might ask “what’s the next step?”

What is the purpose of being awakened soul?

To integrate and fully embody your soul.


You’ve become aware, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you know everything yet. You’ve understood many things at a theoretical level. Now, is the time to test the practical part.


It’s time to integrate awakened elements of your soul.  


Before and during the awakening, you were more in your mind. Thinking about what has happened. 

Now, it is time to connect your heart and mind’s wisdom and apply them in your life. Bring your inner beauty and understandings into your life. And into the lives of others. You return what you know to your body, relationships, and to the world.

You have many awakened pieces of you. Thus, to become an integrated soul, you have to experience and express them in the realms of matter, through everyday life and relationships with others. You are here to embody who you are.

If you are not sure where you are now, look at your most important relationships. Think about where you struggle in your relationships. What behaviors make you feel weak or unhappy. Be willing to see what other people mirror to you. 

Look at your habits, the way you talk. These are the areas that you have the opportunity to integrate. To interconnect all your awakened parts. Ideally, you get into a state in which you feel relaxed, opened, and telling your truth regardless of what buttons others try to push. When the soul awakens, you detach to a high degree from emotional drama and upsetting situations. 

Once you integrate your triggers and neutralize them, you also overcome the stages of being right all the time, victimhood, entitlement, and neediness.

Once you live your truth in everyday life, you know that you awakened and embodied your soul. Remember, that until our last breath, we’re all students of life.

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