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law of giving and receiving

The Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving

We guard our hearts against our true nature of giving and receiving. We don’t feel comfortable with real receiving so we instead immediately want to give something back. In most of the societies, people live in the exchange mindset.

I give you something (which cost me money or energy), so you owe me, and I expect something in return. This mindset of exchange is exhausting. It feels heavy and doesn’t bring much joy. What if we get the exchange reality all wrong?

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The Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving

Many people are afraid of getting exhausted through giving. They feel an inner conflict of “should I prioritize” or “be kind and put others first?”

If you act from the limited point of view, then you live in a restricted reality where it’s either me or them.


But if you live like an infinite being, you realize that no one can be first in the oneness. There is nothing like me vs. them. 


The law of giving and receiving says that you simultaneously receive in the moment of giving.

If you live from the abundant space as the infinite being, then you have everything so you cannot exhaust yourself by giving. When you truly give, you always receive at the same instant.


What makes you give conditionally?

Giving conditionally makes you limited. You don’t believe in your infinite self. On the other hand, by giving blithely when you aren’t concerned whether your gift is received and you don’t build any expectations, you truly give.


Imagine that you wouldn’t care about the results of your giving. You would only give because you can, and you want.


As the infinite being, you can give endlessly and receive at the same time. You’re abundant, and therefore you cannot get exhausted. Your energy doesn’t have any limits.

When you begin to worry whether you get energetically exhausted (me vs. them thinking), you cut yourself off the infinite streams of the being you indeed are.

It doesn’t mean you have to give when you don’t want to. It means carefree giving from your inner abundance rather than lack and expectations if you choose to give.

Break free the dependence on the result and decide not to expect anything in return. Since if you accept something that you’re in the exchange mindset. In the mindset of lack and limitations.

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