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Don’t Waste Your Energy on Meaningless Things

My husband loves reading autobiographies of great teachers of the past. A current book he has been reading is An Autobiography by Mahatma Gandhi. Gandhi was an inspiring teacher who positively changed the destiny of not just India, but he also touched the lives of many.

Mahatma Gandhi has managed to bring a very positive change for all of us. When you think about the amazing things he did, and compare it to the life of “an average” person, then you wonder how it is possible!

But I’m sure about one thing…


If he hadn’t understood the importance of managing own energy, he wouldn’t have the capacity for doing great things.


During the time, when he was a lawyer in South Africa, Indian people didn’t have such a good status and rights than the natives there. In his book, Gandhi wrote that he could have brought to the court more cases of injustice or insults if he would have wanted to. However, Gandhi chose not to waste his energy on trivial matters.

Gandhi said that if he had spent his energy on all the trials, it would bring just minor achievements. This wouldn’t carry such a crucial impact for vast masses. Moreover, he wouldn’t have the capacity to do more meaningful things later in his life.

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Don’t waste your energy on meaningless things

Let’s think about it for a while. How much energy have you wasted on things that didn’t matter and didn’t make your life happier?


We have to learn how to be more resourceful with own energy.


Everyone has a limited time on this planet. The day only has 24 hours, and therefore we have to choose where we invest our energy.

If we waste it every day on things that don’t matter too much, then we don’t have enough energy for stuff with the lasting positive impact.

Imagine that you want to study Portuguese because you’ve always loved the rocky shores of South Portugal. You buy a book or start a course and begin to make progress. After some time, it seems to be difficult for you to find 2 hours a week for studying. So you quit.

A few years later, you look back at your life and wonder where did the time go so fast. You realize that you have been going to work every day, washed the dishes, and have been cleaning the house.

Although you’ve been busy, you haven’t done things that would matter TO YOU and that you would remember. You’ve spent your energy on everyday things instead of giving a clear direction to your life.

Everyone has the same amount of time every day. Some people choose to waste it on things that catch their attention instead of learning to direct it where they want deliberately.

Such as Gandhi, you as well have a special purpose here. However, if you get distracted by things that don’t reflect your soul calling, you spend your energy on things that you aren’t meant to spend it on.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to learn how to manage own energy, time, and resources. There is no one else who can do that for you, but you can bet that there are many things meant to distract you and many people draining you.

Will you stop with the first challenges or you break through to fulfill your potential?

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