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you already have it all

Redefine Success: You Already Have it All

Sometimes we chase success like a carrot at the end of the stick. Although we keep chasing, we’re never quite there. I’d like to challenge your perception of happiness and success.

What if instead of chasing the carrot would you realize that you already have it all? If you train yourself to see the abundance that you already have then your life will transform.


The “you already have it all” meaning

Let me show you that (perhaps) you already have it all on an example. Karen wants to be a yoga teacher. She believes that after she has a certificate, clients, and money, she will be on the right path and happy.

At the moment, she thinks that she is not there yet and she feels desperate. Karen told me that she spends more time worrying than actually doing something for her yoga practice.

She wants to achieve something meaningful, and she knows how it should look like yet feels unhappy since she isn’t there yet. I think that what Karen feels isn’t uncommon to many people. However, she doesn’t realize that she already has it all. Why? Continue reading.

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Know that you already have it all

If you’re launching a business, or you hear the call to become a better version of yourself, remember that you already have it all. When we redefine success and achievement under our terms, we become selectively blind to what is missing. And thus what we want can come in.

On the other hand, when we focus on the distance between where we’re and where we want to be it creates pain and inner conflict.

Let’s go back to Karen …

Karen wants to help people redefine their relationship with their bodies. But she has decided that it has to look in a specific way. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be happy.

Thus she made herself dependent on this particular way of fulfillment. The problem isn’t that she isn’t there yet. The cause of her despair is the conditions and expectations she has put on her dreams.

The light and love that she wants to bring to people’s bodies and minds aren’t dependent on anything. It doesn’t require her to have a specific figure on a bank account number, nor the specific amount of clients.


The light and love want to be spread and shared with others without limitations. 


We feel inner conflicts because we put restrictions on something infinite. At any moment, we have access to our loving self. We can bring it into any activity what we’re doing. We can share with every person we meet. There is no reason to wait before we’re our better selves.

At any moment, we already have all that we need to live the life we want. Most of the times, the problem is that we don’t realize it.


If you want to be financially free, there is no reason to suffer on the way to get there.


Focus on freedom and love that you already have. Free your mind from worries. Enjoy time with kids, family, and savor the moment with yourself.


Embody your soul entirely and don’t hold back.

You don’t need to wait for specific circumstances to come first. True master embodies her dreams, true feelings, and her highest call exactly there where she is. 


If you continue waiting and hold yourself back, then you’ll live a limited and restricted life. You’ll blame others, politics, economy, or God. But the truth is that you restrict yourself by making up specific conditions under which you can fully express yourself.

But the world works the other way round. You’re the cause not the effect. Unleash your inner beauty and light and your life has no choice but transform.

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