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feel stuck in life

Do You Feel Stuck in Life? Break the Pattern.

To me, feeling stuck in life is one of the most annoying states of mind. When nothing seems to move, we feel unmotivated, out of balance, and with little energy. Everyday tasks appear to be uninteresting and demanding as we don’t feel like doing them at all.

Feeling stuck is a vicious circle since we feel stuck even to change this state. There is usually no energy to break through, and this situation can last for a very long time. Any attempt to escape the mood seems very hard and as out of one’s control.

Why do you feel stuck in life?

When the life energy doesn’t flow, we feel stuck. When the energy stops moving in our lives. There might be multiple reasons for this.

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Let me give you an example

My friend was looking for a job yet she didn’t like any offer. Although it has been just a few weeks, she started to believe that she won’t find any job.

On top of that, her parents were putting a lot of pressure on her to get just any job, so she’s financially secure again. Deep inside she didn’t want to and the inner conflict between what she should and wanted, let her feel stuck.

She got mentally stuck since she couldn’t find the job, yet her parents pressured her to take any job. Shortly after, her relationship got also unstable and some of her friendships as well. The stuck energy flooded to other life areas.

We can see the same pattern of the stuck energy floating into other life areas in the case of businesspeople. If you have a business, be it coaching, teaching yoga, or anything else then you might have noticed that once you get stuck, your business is stuck as well. Then your clients don’t call you, cancel or reschedule the meetings, or payments don’t come in time.


Feeling stuck in one area inevitably leads to being stuck in another area.


When the life energy doesn’t move freely, it’s only a matter of short time until it piles up at another end.


How to break the vicious circle of feeling stuck?

Start making decisions. If there is any insecurity in your life, start right there. Is there anything that you avoid doing? Then this is the very first thing you should solve.

Have you ever noticed that suddenly people start calling you at the same time even though you had waited for it (when you needed it the most)?

It’s because something has got unstuck in your life. Begin with making decisions to make the life energy move. Waiting and pondering about why you feel that way might only make you feel more stuck.

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