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the magic of surrender

The Magic of Surrender – The Fastest Way to Your Goals

The magic of surrender is one of the most potent powers in the universe. Although there were many significant transformation moments in my life, the biggest ones -with no way back ticket – came with surrendering. I’ve experienced the magic of surrender a couple of times. Each time, it has changed my life.  

When you surrender, you reach the sacred place in your heart which is entirely calm and confident.

Unlike the mind, the heart’s power comes from knowing. Not analyzing, playing with concepts, or over-thinking. The world around you may feel like being in the midst of the storm, yet you find a safe place within you when you surrender. 

During the magic of surrender, you align with the source energy (your higher self).

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All the obstacles that you put between you and your higher self vanish. Since you gave up on all the ideas how to get out of the situation or how to change it, the best solution (that takes you to a new level) can finally come.

When you surrender, you hear the voice and guidance of your higher self since you become centered. The mind stops whispering to you what you should or should not.

You just are. Completely fine that you cannot figure out the way out. Thus you decide to ask for help from your heart and then listen. At the same time, when you surrender, you don’t have any opinions on what happens next.

We do not have to fight alone. We do not have to fight at all. It only takes a surrender. The magic of surrender then works naturally without our interference.


Thus, we connect with the unlimited source of our being. By losing our perspective, we connect with the power of the higher self. Hence, you can alter any situation in an instant. Or keep changing a bit by bit.

Getting to the place of a pure surrender when you mean it from the bottom of your heart takes a long time. Mostly because the ego doesn’t allow us to experience this divine moment. But, once you reach a place of despair in which you have no idea what to do next and give up the situation. You surrender, and transformative change may come to your life.

The logical mind will do anything to persuade you that you can figure it all out on your own. This is an illusion. If you could, you certainly would have done it by now.

When you surrender, you ally with the infinite wisdom of your higher self. You find peace. Inspiration. Deep knowing. Serenity. Love. Joy.

You always be guided, but in the state of surrender, you can hear guidance to make quantum changes that will take you to the brand new reality. Open yourself to the gift of the magic of surrender.

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