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How to Live Intentionally? Use this 5-Step Guide

How to live intentionally and create a life of purpose? Living intentionally may feel like too much work, and whether it’s consciously or not, most people prefer not to choose it. But, my guess is if you read this, you’re one of the (few) people who wants to bring more intention into their lives. And, I honor you for that!


Give Intention to Your Choices

One of the best ways how to live intentionally is having empowering and pure motives for your decisions. The reason behind each decision determines the outcomes we get.


Every single outcome is determined by our intentions.


The universe doesn’t respond to choices since all possible options already exist. What do I mean by that?

You can imagine life as a computer game. You can decide to make any move you want because all combinations of outcomes of your choices already exist.

Free will lies in our ability to choose what we want, but it’s already pre-determined where each decision leads based on the energy we put into it. Trials are but opportunities to make new, better decisions.

You can determine what will happen in your life based on the intentions of your choices. It’s like sending a signal to the universe to deliver you outcome either based on lousy motive or good ones.

We keep facing the same struggles over again, so we can choose differently this time. There is no reason to face the same issues once you’ve understood the lesson and removed (the negative) energy charge.

PS. I know that this part sounds a bit too much, but I just wanted to give you a broader perspective on this topic. But the most important takeaway is:


Your choices matter. Every single choice matters, you’re never powerless or a victim. Choose well. 

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How to Live Intentionally


1. What Is Your Why?

Often, we do things that we were told to do, or everyone else is doing it, so why to do it differently, right? We get a job; we nurture our bodies in a certain way, we develop certain habits. But the important question is WHY?

What is the intention of anything we choose to do? Why am I doing this? Who I want to be in this situation? How do I want to feel when I choose this?

If we are not clear about why we want something, we only get chaotic results. When the intention is not crystal clear, then it is so easy to be influenced by others and get some of it.


2. Choose the Most Potent Intention

The next step to how to live intentionally is to connect with the most potent intention. You’ll know the strongest intention because it’ll move you. It’ll make you feel enthusiastic and light. There is no need to be stressed about getting everything always right. Choose the best reason for your choice based on how you feel at the moment.

Turn your attention to your feelings for a while and infuse the most potent intention to your decision based on what kind of person you want to be at the moment. Then, you will choose it again and again. Do your best at the given moment. However, don’t worry if your best is sometimes worse than another time.


3. Leave a Legacy

The greatest way to live intentionally is to think about the legacy of an empire you want to create. Many of us live from day-to-day or with very short-term visions. We live as if our lives wouldn’t matter. We are told that we cannot create a meaningful difference, so many don’t even try. Living as if there is no purpose and didn’t count is a lie that we bought into.


The truth is that there is nothing more important than what we do, what we feel and what we choose. Our impact on the outer world is a way more significant than we can imagine.  


Our choices create new energy that spreads into the universe. Through our feelings, thoughts, and deeds, we determine the world around us. We energetically impact anything, from people (even strangers), the synchronicity that happens to us, to weather.

The reasons for our choices determine the kind of outcome we get. If we act from a negative space, we can receive a negative result. However, as students of life, we can choose better intentions the next time.

Everything that we do matter, so learn to think about the long-term choices. When you are not sure what intention is the best at a given moment, think about what kind of legacy you want to leave. Perhaps, to your beloved ones, children, community, or the legacy you want to leave for the whole world. Thinking about your legacy will bring more intention into your life.


4. Does Your Choice Bring You any Closer to Your Dreams?

We are here to challenge ourselves, to pursue, and to fulfill our desires. That’s what brings meaning and uniqueness into our lives. When facing a choice, ask yourself, does this decision help me to do something meaningful with my life?

To live more intentionally, it’s vital to become mindful about the motives of our choices. You can find inspiration in those 30 questions while setting intentions for yourself.


5. Are You Choosing out of Love or Fear?

Does your choice empower you? Does it help you to show and share your greatness? This means being brutally honest with yourself. Sometimes, we choose something other than what we want only because we are scared. We let fear rule our lives.

When will you decide what you want (because this is who you are), if not now?

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