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The No. One Block in the Way to Discover Your Gifts

In my life coaching practice, I’ve noticed that there is one major block in the way to discover your gifts and talents. Surprisingly, the problem often isn’t that we wouldn’t know what our life calling is but rather we don’t allow ourselves to live it.

I like to listen to older people’s stories. What they have in common is that they feel sorry for not following their inner calling. I know a woman who desired to become a doctor yet ended like an entrepreneur.

When she watches a movie from a medical environment (or when anyone is sick and ask s for her advice), her eyes light up, and she knows how to help them. Undoubtedly, she is fascinated by the ways how we can fix the human body. It’s merely part of her.

Anytime she talks about healing; she is full of life. Once, she told me that if she could turn back time, she would have done all her best to become a doctor.

Do you have a similar story when you’ve wanted to follow your call yet you haven’t? Although there are many reasons why we hold ourselves back, one is crucial. The self-worth.

The way you see your value is the way how you allow yourself to reflect it to the outside world.


 Living fearlessly means not being afraid to shine your light and let it be seen.

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When your self-worth is low, then you don’t allow your gifts to be seen. You don’t even allow yourself to discover your gifts and talents. You’re afraid to be yourself and to be visible.

Deep inside, you know deep that there are all the great things that you could share with the world but each time when you want to reach out the comfort zone something pulls you back. Since you don’t genuinely believe that you’re worthy, you also don’t believe that others could appreciate your gifts.


How to allow yourself to discover your gifts?

You have to find out what your beliefs about your worth are. Ask yourself these questions and write the answers down. The purpose of these questions is to discover your beliefs about your self-worth.


The questions are:

What doesn’t allow you to express yourself fully?

What is stopping you from living your dreams?

What is the worst-case scenario that would happen if you allow me to shine fully?

What is the scariest thing about me being equally worthy as others?


Once you see your fears on paper, you can start shifting your mindset about discovering your gifts and using them! Your fears may look silly when you look at them from a distance. They don’t have the power to stop you if you don’t allow them to act through you.

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