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trying to be perfect

Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Be Yourself

Are you trying to be perfect all the time but it doesn’t make you happy? Then, please, continue reading.

Life is a process. To play piano, we have to devote ourselves and energy into practice. In order to speak Chinese, we have to take time to learn and keep repeating writing characters over and over again.

There is no other way to accomplish a goal than through taking baby steps. One at a time. One commitment and making decisions that will take us to the desired results. It makes absolute sense, huh?

So why the majority wants to skip the learning phase and become perfect overnight? Most of the people want to bypass the process to prove others our greatness and awesomeness.

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Only to hear that sentence “Wow, you are amazing! How did you do that? I wish I could do the same!” Or, we want to hear from our wife, bosses, children or parents, “I’m so proud of you. To me, you are perfect.” Wouldn’t it be nice?

Except, by trying to be perfect we’re becoming numb and disconnected from our feelings. The question we should ask instead is; Do I want to achieve the result perfectly and immediately? Is it so important for me to be flawless and thus sacrifice being authentic?

To whom I want to prove my worthiness? To my parents? Did they appreciate and honor me enough? If the answer is no, then ask yourself: what did I need to hear from them when I was learning something new to feel safe, supported, loved and approved?


The thing with being perfect is that we end up acting like puppets without ever feeling that what we do is enough.


Instead of, telling what we feel, we persuade ourselves that we don’t care, we don’t mind. Some tell themselves that they’re so amazing, spiritually evolved that it doesn’t hurt. Thus, we take the role of a perpetrator. We hurt our inner child and abandon us again.

Or, we don’t take a ballet class for adults because we don’t want to seem ridiculous while practicing. Or we don’t ask a question when we don’t understand, nor write a book or paint a picture because other people are better. There always will be someone who is better at doing something.

But life isn’t about perfection but uniqueness and truth. I mean, inner truth. It’s only you who know if your life is fake or you live in line with your heart.

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