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3 Little Tips on How to Start Living in Your Heart

Do you know how does living in the heart looks like? If not then don’t worry because you aren’t alone. Once I used to be a very logical person primarily focused on my mind. Yet this has changed completely when I consciously connected with my heart for the first time.

That moment was magical and powerful, and I’ve finally understood that our heart’s wisdom is far greater than the mind’s. We can learn to ask our heart (your inner wisdom, intuition, higher self) any questions. The act of living in the heart can answer all of your questions.

I think it’s a common trait that we try to figure everything out. Especially, when we’re facing problems. Nevertheless, there is no way how we can figure what will happen based on the logical mind.

Although you think you can, you anticipate what the future brings. And if you’ve said that what you say always happens to you then it’s time to challenge yourself to see whether you just repeat old patterns.

Our intentions and frequencies drive all outcomes. The highest frequency is love.


The bridge between humanity and divinity lies in the heart.


It‘s an entirely different dimension of living when you live in your heart. Heart connects us with the knowing. Living in the heart is the reorganizing principle that has the power to heal human bodies, to bring you a soulmate, or to set you on way of your highest potential.

The magic is that it all happens without effort. When you live from your heart, you just are. You feel deeply connected with everything and everyone. You feel gratitude and peace. Every moment is perfect for you because you see it through your heart.

The good news is that everyone can live from the heart and it‘s not so difficult as it might seem. If this is what you want, then you have to make a conscious decision to choose your heart over mind.


“Once I knew only darkness and stillness… my life was without past or future… but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clutched at emptiness, and my heart leaped to the rapture of living.”

-Helen Keller

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Living in your heart is a choice


1. Choose love

In my life and with each of my coaching clients I see it over again; it all starts with our choice. We always choose what is best for us. Sometimes what seems to be painful is the minor pain compared to another decision. Commit to love. Commit to living in your heart. A choice is an act of pure intention. You can use its power to attract to you what you want.


2. Surrender and let go of the control

Now, when you’ve chosen love, accept that you cannot figure out life. The life is meant to be lived. There is no way to control things around us. 

When you do things with an open heart and with pure intentions, you’ve done your best. The intentions drive the results. Living in your heart leads to an abundant and happy life. 


3. Trust your inner wisdom

Let yourself to stay open-minded and be willing to change. You don’t need anyone telling you what to do. Surrender to the wisdom of your inner guidance, and you’ll never feel lost again.

When you start living in your heart, all which isn’t true has to leave your life. To live from the heart, you need to first commit to your inner healing, but the healing itself has never been so painful as living in illusion and lies.


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