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Life Transformation: Embrace Your New Life in Three Steps

Do you feel that you’re in the midst of life transformation? I’ve had one period of my life when everything has changed, shifted, and has faded its foundations. Thus I know how confusing and overwhelming this time of life can be. When everything you’ve known is breaking apart, you aren’t sure where to go next.

Embracing new life might not be easy at times. If you’re a little bit like I used to be then, you’re trying to figure out everything in advance. You may also delude yourself that one day everything works out, and from that moment, life will be perfect. I guess it’s human to think this way. Although trying to figure things out doesn’t bring you any closer to your new life. On the contrary, this way of thinking will keep you forever away from all you want.


We were not born to think life through but live it through.


To paraphrase Seneca: “It is extremely idiotic to plan the life but not to live it.”

I agree.

Without going into great detail. The reason why we think about the change over again but not dive deep into life transformation lies in …. mind! Yes, again!

We have a fear-based part of the mind, and its task is to keep us safe. It wants to protect us from all the hurts and pains. It likes the familiar. The fear-based mind also lies to you that all will come in the future. Yet, the problem is that the future never comes. Thinking in time is the trap created by the mind. Nothing like that exists. However, if you believe it, you will never unleash your potential fully.


Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.

– Rick Warren


These are three essential things to realize when you’re in the midst of life transformation.

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How to Embrace Your New Life


1. What do I want?

When we make decisions, we usually take into consideration other people. We want, maybe on the unconscious level, to manipulate or control others by our choices. We might be thinking: “Well, if I choose this, then probably he or she will respond this way so that this option would be better for me.”

But wouldn’t it be much easier to do what is best for you right away?

You can never know what others will do. You can never control them. By doing so, you live the life of someone else. You lose your inner power and freedom.

Imagine a life in which you do what works for you and let others make their own choices. Imagine all the freedom and ease that it would bring to you. The best choice is to tell your inner truth and let others do the same. When you choose from this space, whatever it brings is the perfect outcome for everyone.


2. Start doing things now

You will never feel completely ready for everything you want. There will never be a better moment than now. Stop lying to yourself that you cannot live your dreams now. You certainly can, at some level.

If you want to have a beautiful new house, appreciate and make more comfortable your current home. If you want to be a writer, start having a blog or write for some local magazine. Ask yourself what you can do now and do it. Don’t wait.


If you put yourself in the right direction, the rest will come. If you can work with want you have, the universe will give you more.


3. Detours are not necessary

We usually overthink the possible ways how to achieve something. Overanalyzing only delays your goals come true. Step #3 is connected with the first step, decide what you want, and then do it directly.

Sometimes, it is not possible, but aligned action will undoubtedly open new doors for you. If we believe that we cannot do something directly, we make reality more complicated than it.

We show the universe that we don’t trust that we could be supported as we would need, and thus we are not supported. If you take detours to embrace the new life, you only show that you are not ready for it yet. Life does not have to be complicated. We can choose to be ready now.

An example of doing things directly is when you decide to start doing yoga. A detour would be that you need to buy new clothes first, and then you realize that you should rather save money, so you’ll start with yoga once you save more money. On the other hand, doing things directly looks like practicing yoga while watching a beginner yoga class on YouTube at your home.

Embrace new life fully. Do not allow fears or doubts to interfere. Stay true to yourself in expressing who you are and what you want without controlling how others respond. Start now. At this very moment. And, remember, no detours again!

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