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The Spiritual Cause of Overweight: 3 Steps to Heal it

What is the spiritual cause of overweight? Many people struggle with the overweight. They’re trying different diets, sports to only get the kilo back after a while again. None of these solutions work in the long run because these are just solutions working on the surfacing, avoiding the spiritual cause of overweight.

So what the spiritual cause of overweight is?

Recently I had a client struggling with overweight, and we discussed the spiritual cause of overweight. Repeatedly, I’ve confirmed to myself that the spiritual cause of overweight lies in childhood. In most of the cases, one of the parents or both had too high expectations and demands.

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The spiritual cause of overweight


  1. Too high demands and expectations. Your parents may have wanted from you to take care of a younger sibling, have good marks, be kind and obedient. It may have been anything that has disrupted your inner natural boundaries. You probably have to do things that you didn’t want to do.
  2. Your needs and wants didn’t matter. Your needs and desires didn’t mean almost anything. And, the worst thing, is that you weren’t allowed to express how you feel. You were told to act and be a good girl. Be a good girl or boy. Otherwise, you would be selfish. The fact is that parent who wanted from you to change or surpassed your feelings and need was the one who was selfish.
  3. You’ve violated own natural boundaries. Since you couldn’t build and show your boundaries naturally, your body has created protection walls around you. To keep those people who used you up further away. They were sucking your energy and demanding too much. There was no way how to provide them all they wanted from you. So you have started to feel ashamed and humiliated because you didn’t know how to be that all that they wanted. As a kid, the only thing you wanted was love and appreciation from your parents. You would do anything to get it. Be always nice and violated own boundaries and desires.


How to heal the spiritual cause of overweight?


  1. Create natural inner boundaries. To get the body into its natural state, it’s important to build natural boundaries. Learn to say no when you feel it. Learn to tell own opinion and express your feelings. Clarify for yourself what is already too much? What demands of others are draining you, and you feel as if you need to protect yourself? Stand up for yourself. So your body doesn’t have to do it for you anymore.
  2. Make the energies move. Ask yourself whether you’re more giving or receiving? Usually, people with overweight tend to give more. They believe that this is the way to get appreciation from others. To get love. But, everything that you want starts from within. The world reflects it to you. Fill yourself up first. If you only give, then you violate the energy flow. It gets stuck. And your body reflects you this imbalance.
  3. Needs and wants. They matter. A lot! Which of your needs has not been met? What you wanted didn’t matter so much to your parents. You can change this. Make your needs matter. Ask yourself what you want. What is essential for you. Nourish and love yourself. So you replenish energies, and your body doesn’t feel drained anymore.

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