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How to Practice Self-love in Two Steps

Everyone talks about the importance of loving yourself. Yet, how to practice self-love? Let me share with you 2 steps how to practice self-love when it feels (almost) impossible.

Like many others, I used to struggle with self-love too. Many times self-love feels impossible. There were times when I didn’t even want to think about who I am and what I wanted to create out of my life. I was avoiding myself, my strength and giving up my dreams because I didn’t believe I could achieve them.

Many times, I judged my visions of a loving world and dreams of creating a fulfilling life and uplifting others as naïve. About a decade ago, I almost gave up and became a part of the system as others wanted me to be. When I felt like being at the bottom, I found a hidden strength and determination not to give up. At that time, I slowly started to understand that self-love is important yet it still sounded like an alien concept.

Yet, I desired to live freely and fully, and it became evident that loving myself was the only way.


I realized that every situation, every single person we encounter, every fear based thought is nothing but a reflection of we carry inside. It shows us what we have to change to return to self-love.


The universe functions from the energy of love. In our natural state, we are all loving beings. For this reason, everything that happens, wants us to release all blocks against love. First, we have to return our thoughts, bodies and hurt parts of the soul to love so we can help others to do the same. Self-love means saying yes to yourself, your dreams, wisdom, beauty, saying yes to the creation.

If you think that there is something selfish about self-love, then ask yourself if you can help anyone if you feel depressed, unloved or hurt. Not loving yourself is a selfish thing to do because then you expect others to make you feel better and you blame them for your feelings.

There are many ways how to become self-loving, they all take time, yet there are two ‘shortcuts.’

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How to practice self-love?


1. Which of my needs has not been met?

There have been probably many situations in which you needed something, but you didn’t get it. Your inner child didn’t feel supported and nurtured. If you don’t satisfy your needs now, then a part of you that acts from the position of this little inner child. Find out what you need and why you think you need it.

2. What is the best choice for me?

If you would decide each time what the best choice for you is, then you would naturally choose the self-loving action. The problem arises when we act against ourselves, and we add to more pain to our already hurt part. This simple question alone will help you to love yourself because you will be there for your inner child. Try it just for one day, and you will see the difference. Take others and their expectations out of the equation for a while and choose only for yourself.

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