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Act on Inspiration Quickly: the Process is Your Teacher

How to learn through the process even if you don’t trust yourself that you’re ready to begin?

The process is the teacher. While many people recognize this fact, I’d like to bring it a step further and talk about the urge of doing certain things. We all know these quick moments of inspiration to go for a walk, call a friend, or start a new business.

While we may not act on them, there is a reason why receive these glimpses of sudden urge. These moments come as inspiration, and they’re supposed to teach us something about ourselves or bring things forward. We learn from the process of doing things. This is the reason for the urge to do certain things.     


The journey is our teacher, and every glimpse of inspiration has the potential to teach powerful lessons. 


We’re doing things to learn, to grow our souls, and to understand some lessons. This is the calling that stands behind it all. We feel the unexpected urge and excitement to do something because we learn the lesson during the process.

Surprisingly, it isn’t of great importance what we’re doing, but the fact that we take action (and our intentions) is what matters.


Transformation is a process, and as life happens there are tons of ups and downs. It’s a journey of discovery – there are moments on mountaintops and moments in deep valleys of despair.

– Rick Warren

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Act on inspiration

Each soul has a mission to grow on this planet. Each mission is unique as they’re different lessons for everyone.

The higher self which is a non-physical part of us directs our steps. The higher self knows what we came here to learn and in which areas we need to grow. Thus, the higher self communicates with us always through visions, inspirations, aha moments, gut feelings, and feelings in general. It tells you to go this way because you’ll have an opportunity to learn your lesson there.

When you feel excited, and you think, “Oh, I’d love to stop working and go jogging.’’ It’s the loving guidance of your higher self telling you DURING WHICH PROCESS you’ll grow.


The process is your teacher. You learn from acting on your inspiration.


How do we get out of our way?

We can quickly get into own way by pushing ourselves into completing something that we don’t want. If you spend hours, days, months, or years on doing something that you don’t enjoy, you aren’t growing as fast as you could. The thing that you’re doing isn’t giving you much. That’s why you feel drained.

I know, I know….

You might oppose that there are certain things that you SHOULD be doing but remember that at the same time you’re missing a more valuable lesson somewhere else.

When you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you aren’t present. You stop paying attention to the now.


My challenge for you

Choose one day when you’re relatively free, like the weekends for instance. Make an experiment with yourself, friends, or include your spouse to act on your inspiration. Plan a whole day based on your inspiration.

It can be any seemingly stupid activity, or wholly out of the circuit of your normal activities, just do it. Don’t think extensively about it. Spend the whole day in a relaxed and playful mode.

In the evening, think about the way you felt, and what you learned. You might have an idea about starting own business, or you feel relaxed.

In either case, you learned your lesson.

Please, let me know how your experiment went. Or, share your experiences with being in the flow.

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